Kevin Friel

Kevin is a visual director based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He began directing music videos while taking Broadcasting and Journalism in high school back in his hometown of Ottawa, Canada. After he graduated from Algonquin College for Television Broadcasting in 2002, Kevin soon had a hot music video on Canada's legendary 'MuchMusic' and collaborated with Universal Records, had worked on thousands of hours of content between broadcast and internal videos for the Ottawa Senators, MBNA Mastercard, Deloitte, Marks, and athlete bios for CTV's 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, while working on news and current events programming for CTV Ottawa, Global News, and CPAC (the Canadian equivalent to C-SPAN). 2010 also launched Kevin onto the international stage, producing many commercials and strategic training tools in 6 different countries for Dallas-based health and wellness technology company, EvolvHealth.

In late 2016, Kevin moved to Vancouver to take his storytelling prowess to the next level, working as a Motion Designer / VFX Artist and on-set VFX Supervisor at GFZ Studios on several feature films, as well as Lead Motion Designer at Victory Creative, working with brands such as Nike, Google Canada, The Toronto Raptors and many more.
Kevin's multidisciplinary skills from pre-production, to shoot day, to post-production and delivery, combined with a passion for innovative technology and creative collaboration have made him a walking swiss-army knife of visual storytelling. All of which anchored the success of his first production company of 16 years, Symphonic Filmworks. Kevin has been a Camera Operator and Director of Cinematography for 22 years, a Motion Designer and VFX Artist for 18 years, and a successful Producer, Writer and Director for 10 years.
Never content with staying in his comfort zone, Kevin continues to push the boundaries of cutting-edge storytelling technologies and methodologies by heavily experimenting in new fields such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, procedural design and compositing through Houdini and Fusion, real-time motion graphics and atmospherics through Resolume Arena, motion and performance capture to drive character and abstract animation, and game-engine real-time rendering and non-linear narrative in Unreal Engine and Unity.

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